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Sports and the Risk to Your Child’s Eye Health

Summer is right around the corner and for many parents, that means sending their kids to soccer, football or other sports-related camp

Although sports camps teach valuable lessons to kids and provide them with a fun environment to spend their summer days, these camps pose little-known risks to young kids’ eye health and overall health.

It’s no secret that it’s easy for young athletes to get injured while playing out on the field. One of the most common injuries for young athletes is a concussion. In fact, a concussion from youth sports is so common that nearly one in twenty youth players sustain a concussion every sports season! 

A concussion occurs when the head is hit during an accident. A lesser-known fact is that between 69% to 82% of people who’ve experienced concussions, report visual changes such as eyestrain and double or blurred vision. 

This is due to the brain moving within the skull during head trauma. This movement can damage brain cells and stretch nerves. Since your vision relies on efficient communication between the eyes and the brain, a concussion can disrupt this communication, resulting in vision changes. 

Vision changes caused by a head injury such as a concussion, typically last for weeks or months. In some cases, these vision changes can last years or even last permanently. This is why it is super important for parents to actively monitor their child’s vision after an injury, like a concussion, in order to make sure the vision changes are not permanent or indicative of a bigger issue.

EyeQue’s Insight is a low-cost, at-home vision testing device that makes it easy to monitor vision changes in your child. The Insight device tests for visual acuity and makes the testing process super simple. 

Order your Insight before summer starts to be prepared, in case of a sports injury, and stay on top of your child’s uber-essential eye health!

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